20th Aug 2020

Radio Advice: Authentic storytelling about your business IS more effective

Top Tips from Simon Alexander of Capital FM Mid-Counties


Real stories market your business more effectively. Here's how AND why...


A study over 1,000 patients proved that authentic stories are so powerful that medical patients are more likely to go through with a procedure if they’ve been told a story of its success over statistics."You should have this procedure done, it has 90% success rate," is LESS effective than a Doctor saying, "We think you should go through with this procedure because there was a guy called Terry, similar age to you, he had it done last year and he's back playing Rugby now."

Translate this idea to radio advertising. "You should buy these roof tiles because they last for at least 10 years and are really durable in bad weather," is LESS effective than a roofing company saying "I've been a roofer for 20 years. You should buy these tiles off me because I started my business when I had a leak in my roof and I realised how important it was to have quality tiles, that are expertly fitted, and not cheap ones which simply don't do the job."


The patient is more likely to go for it because of an authentic human connecting story than being told (in this case) positive facts. Same goes for your roofer. 

At Quidem Digital, we are experts in radio advertising and authentic storytelling to help market your business in an affordable and efficient way. Message the team on the chat icon below (bottom right) or contact us via email advice@radioadvice.co.uk.

1st Aug 2020

Radio Advice: How to Make your marketing more effective.

Top Tips from Steve Orchard of Capital FM Mid-Counties


It all starts inside your prospect’s head


The single most important thing I’ve learned about marketing is to do with how the human
brain functions.


It Is not at all sophisticated. Basically, your prospect will only hear what she wants to


The mistake that many businesses make when conveying messages to prospective
customers is to focus on what they, the business owner wants to say – and not what the
customer wants to hear.


You can tell them about your customer service, about how you’re a family business, or about
the year you were founded… but I have to tell you it’s a waste of your time and your money.
She’s probably heard it all before from your competitors and she is just not that interested.
To get inside your prospects mind you must find something which is useful to her, solves a
problem for her, makes her life better somehow.


And that is the fundamental basis of all effective marketing – your message must start inside
your prospect’s head. It should be about what she wants to hear, not what you want to say…
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